Who Are The 12 Celebrities With Bull Terriers? - Episode 01 Bull Terriers

Who are the 12 Celebrities With Bull Terriers?.

The Bull Terriers are mostly thought to be the real children of the dog world! They are very entertaining and energetic, and they also love to play the clown-role! Originally bred as fighting dogs, they soon became among the most fashionable companion dogs for the noble gentlemen, while later on very loving family companions as well as show dogs.

What makes them distinct in the dog breed world, are their elongated, egg-shaped head and their massive amounts of stamina! Dog Breed: Bull Terrier Breed Group: Terriers, Bull type Terriers /working dog Breed Color: White, black, brindle, black-brindle, red, fawn and tri-colored with white markings.

STORY AND ORIGIN OF THE BULL TERRIER Bull Terrier’s origin dates back to 1800s when bull-baiting had become a very popular sport, and lovers of the game desired the creation of a dog that would have an even more fierce attack than the ones already present!

Therefore, they started the journey to creating the Bull Terrier by mixing the Bulldog breed with the Old English Terriers and Spanish Pointers –and, the resulting dog was the Bull Terrier we know today. Contrary to belief, the Bull Terrier did not turn out as a great fighter!

Hence, the way Bull Terriers gained their popularity swayed the original plan! James Hinks, an English dog dealer, is the man behind this adorable breed! He bred the “White Cavalier,” the name by which the Bull Terriers were known at the time, and rather quickly made them very fashionable pets for the nobles.

But, later on, when crossed with brindle Staffordshire's, also colored variations of Bull Terriers came to life and prominence. In place of the supposedly original role that occurred upon the Bull Terriers, they started getting utilized in many more other realms: such as guarding, as watchdogs, herders, and ratters! Soon after.

The Miniature Bull Terriers were developed too! Although they are known as two separate breeds, there are comments on whether they should be recognized as two different breeds or instead be remembered as one same breed but of various sizes. As far as character, they are the same – energetic, daring, robust and cheerful dogs!

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